Get to know me

I dont trust words. I trust pictures.
People can tell you anything, but pictures can tell you everything

Who am I

My name is Zvonimir and if you are reading this you are about to explore more about me and my work. When I started, I had little experience, quite simple equipment, but huge passion. Once I tasted blood photographing, I knew I finally found a job which perfectly maches my character and allows me to create a work driven entirely by passion. I think you’ll find my enthusiasm is evident in the quality of the photos I take.

My work

Moments are a constant dynamics. So is the photography. It challenges me and releases my. creation. This is why I don`t chase perfect photos. I truly believe that capturing spontanious, sincere emotions and beautiful imperfections always makes the best photos. It are theese moments IN BETWEEN and small details which make a good photo a great one


Creating a bond with all of my couples is essential for my work. These connections design a natural and relaxed enviroment - where a couple can fully open up and enjoy. This is why I never consider my weddings as orders.
For me, it means creating unique storys.
Your storys.

I’d be happy to explore more about your wedding, so feel free to visit my website or simply email me for more information.


I’d be happy to explore more about your wedding, so feel free to give me a call or write me a note!